How much space do I need for the photo booth setup?

12′ x 12′ is BEST, but 10′ x 10′ works too. Anything less and it will be cramped and we may have to remove a table and props.

What is included with A Photo Booth rental?

  • Free Delivery and Set Up*
  • Setup 1 hour before event starts
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Unlimited Social Media Message Delivery
  • Unlimited Photo sessions
  • 2 Professional & Friendly On-Site Attendants
  • Awesome Props
  • Custom Designed Photo Strips
  • FREE Photo Montage of all Photo Booth photos within 48 hours to post on Social media ($150 value)
  • * We are located in Central Fl. Free delivery as far as Tampa, to Orlando. Ask if your area is included.

My party is 4 hours, but I only want service for the last 2 hours?

We provide services for 2 hour, 3 hour and 4 hour events.

However we DO NOT set up while a party is already in progress.

The reason: Its messy, it looks unprofessional, its distracting, sometimes we need to evaluate the location of where you want the booth, in some cases it just wont work in the space provided, If the party is already underway, we may not be able to move things around.

So, we always set up 1 hour before the party start time. If you only want us for 2 hours STANDBY TIME may be required.

Do you charge a fee for idle time? (Standby Time)

A $75 per hour fee is added if an early setup (more than 1 hour) or down time is needed for the rental.

Example A.

Your party is at 7pm, we would normally set up at 6pm, BUT if you need us there at 5 to setup. Then there is a $75 charge.

Example B.

Your party is from 7pm – 11pm but only want the photo booth for the last 2 hours, We set up at 6pm, Standby is from 7pm-9pm (2 hours of standby @ $75 = $150)

Are you available on our event date?

The best way to guarantee that we will be available for your special event is to book as early as possible. We do have a $200 non-refundable booking fee. This will assure all guests looking to book a particular date is committed to a Joyful Memory. Check if your special day is available by giving us a call, a text or sending us an email.

Our event is outdoors? Can you set up outside?

We try to accommodate every party.  Outside setups are challenging. Our equipment is expensive, heavy and not waterproof.

Being in Florida, we know it can be beautiful one minute and a hurricane the next.  

We prefer not to set up outside. If we do have to set up outside, we MUST be under an industrial tent (not the ones from the sporting goods store). We are referring to the big white ones that are hammered into the ground. We MUST be on a hard flat surface, no grass, dirt or rocks.

Do you offer any other services you can add to our event?

Thanks for asking. We also have Face Painting, Festival Face Art and Glitter tattoo services available. This is, however, a separate charge from the Photo Booth.

Do you have a Photo Booth referral Program?

Great Question! Every time your referral turns into a guaranteed booking the host and you will get a $50 credit.* That’s a $100 value! ** * Approximately 7-10 days after the referred event and payment has been confirmed, we will send each of you a check for $50! **The referral program is an optional program that can be cancelled at any time.

What is a Glitter Tattoo and how long does it last?

Temporary Glitter tattoos are painless to apply and will last up to 7 days!!

Glitter Tattoos are a type of temporary tattoo that are produced using a stencil template, body adhesive and cosmetic glitter. These tattoos are suitable for all age groups as we use hypoallergenic cosmetic glue and special ultra-fine cosmetic glitters to make sure that your skin is safe at all times so it is safe for all the family.

Our Glitter Tattoos are waterproof so you may bath or swim but prolonged damp skin may decrease the life span of your tattoo. Do not touch them for 10 minutes after application, and as long as you do not rub at them, depending on skin type, they can last a couple of days or up to a week, they have even been known to last longer!

If you wish remove your tattoos then you can simply use baby oil or any oil based lotion to remove it.

Glitters are of cosmetic grade, FDA approved and EN71 approved. Cosmetic Glitter is suitable for use on your body & face, so it’s perfect for make-up, nails, lips & glitter tattoos. We only use Body Glue to appy Glitter Tattoos. a specially formulated body safe glue. Body Glue is not recommended for use on face. It is safe to use on children 3 years and above.

Festival Eye Glitter and Glitter Beards

Festival Glitter is applied either on top of a special body gel or pre-mixed into the special body gel. This is a water based products and can easily be washed off the skin with warm soapy water.

Safe for children over 3 years of age.

We are not able to paint under 2’s.

Can you give some information on Face Painting?

Children being painted must have express permission of a parent/carer or be accompanied by them.

It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to inform us of any skin sensitivity, as we will not take responsibility for a re-action to the paint. If you are in doubt about any reaction to the paint, we are happy to carry out a patch test.

Face Paints and Glitter used are FDA/EEC compliant and safe for children’s/sensitive skin.

Any paint on clothes will wash out, a more stubborn stain may benefit from prior soaking in a stain removal solution before washing.

Paints do not contain peanut oil but do contain anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic properties specifically designed for use on children’s/sensitive skin.

We will not paint any child who does not want to be painted.

We will not paint any child who has a cold, an open cut, cold sore, eye infection, eczema, chicken pox, or who appears unwell. If we notice any nits/head lice, for hygiene reasons we are unable to face paint or do hair accessories.

Paints are water based and easily removed with water and mild soap.

We reserve the right to not paint a child.

We may ask adult permission to take and upload PHOTOGRAPHS onto our Facebook page and invite you to check us out and tag and share the picture/album. In our experience children love seeing their faces on Facebook, but we fully accept your right to refuse and we will not be offended.

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